Despite what Mark Bolger would lead you to believe, I am nothing if not Hip! In fact there is a dance craze sweeping the nation that Mark Bolger knows nothing about.....forget Gangnam Style and Macarena, the Hip kids are doing The Shmoney!

The Shmoney Dance was "invented" by a rapper named Bobby Shmurda who is well....intense! And the lyrics to his songs are well....not repeatable..but the Shmoney dance is well...really silly...which is why you should be doing it!

There are several videos featuring the rapper himself doing the Shmoney Dance, but since they also feature him rapping his unrepeatable lyrics, I decided instead to have Elmo teach you the Shmoney Dance!

Yes, that's right, Elmo from Sesame Street doing the Shmoney Dance!. I told you the dance was sweeping the nation...and I'm Hip!!!


Now impress your friends with The Shmoney Dance!