Legoland gets a step closer to reality in Orange County, but activists call foul.  You’ve heard by now about the gigantic Legoland theme park they want to build off of Route 17 in Goshen.

A report by News 12, says last week, (August 2017), the planning board has approved the park’s environmental review.  That’s one step closer to the final approvals needed.  Now a group of activists are saying the Legoland theme park breaks the law.  The group agrees the park would be a major boost for the area, between jobs and tax revenue.  The activists claim the project goes against the Town of Goshen’s master plan.  An attorney for the group says, you must adhere to the law and you just can’t do whatever you want.

A spokesperson for the theme park said they had and will continue to speak with public and elected officials for their input in the park’s plans.