So this was something I came across at via Uncle John’s Reader that shows a few dream interpretations from a fortune telling book from the 1920’s. If any of these had entered your dreams back then this is what you may have been able to interpret from them and you could possibly go about your following day that much more enlightened…or scared to death. I figured I would take a little bit of a closer look at them now....  

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    20's Fortune Telling Book: If you refused a beggar, your life will be miserable. If you gave money to a beggar, you will live a long and happy life.

    This one can still fly right now so be forwarned, dream interpretation-wise an all. Basically, stop being a pr**k and try to be charitable instead you miserable bugger.

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    20's Fortune Telling Book: You will soon marry and have a house of your own.

    Dim view of the results of marriage then, or just an unapologetic explanation of the ‘until death’ part of the vows? Bet that reception was a real party. Personally I’d like to envision the house to be something more along the lines of a nice, comfy 3B Cape with a couple of baths, a nice back yard with kids/pets and maybe a fence to keep the rabble out. Much more comforting than the finality of the ‘coffin.’ But that may just be me now and not the defeatist I may have been in the decade that ended with the big crash and the beginning of the Great Depression.

    Plus if I have a dream that has a coffin in it I am sure to never dream again.

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    20's Fortune Telling Book: If you won, a friend will die. If you lost, you will move to a new residence.

    Wow, this one is tough and certainly changes those dreams you have of winning the lottery huh? “Hey Bob, you have a will? …Why? …Oh no reason …get some sleep”

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    Falling Snow

    20's Fortune Telling Book: There will be obstacles in your path.


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    20's Fortune Telling Book: Good luck is near.

    I’m going to assume this one has something to do with rainbows and after rain comes sun. Wow, that’s pretty cheery then huh? Seeing a silver lining, how nice. Probably something necessary after dreaming a dreary freakin’ dream where it was either raining or you knew it was coming. Probably had you dressed in black going to a funeral too.

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    Watching a ball game

    20's Fortune Telling Book: Money will soon come to you.

    In this day and age with 24/7 sports and games of all shapes and sizes we should all be insanely rich. Ironic that it’s only the participants in these games that reap the benefits of this interpretation huh?

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    Sleeping dog

    20's Fortune Telling Book: Relax -you have nothing to worry about.

    This one is still pretty universal right Brady? Yes, you can have a belly rub. Right Jackson? Ok, you too. I’ll add sleeping cats, Shoes and Bella to this dream figuring too.

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    Police officer

    20's Fortune Telling Book: Beware of false friends!

    Another dim view of the time this interpretation came from it seems as now, I would hope, that such a visage entering your dreams would inspire the opposite.

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    Saving a drowning woman

    20's Fortune Telling Book: You will marry someone famous.

    Though heroic chivalry reaping you a great benefit may have been a nice way to read your dream back then, I wouldn’t envy the reward being one of the thankless, tiresome Diva’s we live around now.

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    Climbing a ladder

    20's Fortune Telling Book: If you’re climbing up the ladder, wealth is coming your way. If you’re climbing down, your headed for the poorhouse.

    So, folks back in the ‘20’s couldn’t interpret “moving up” vs “moving down” on their own and needed to consult a fortune teller?  What did a dream about throwing your money away to find out the obvious from a charlatan with a crystal ball signify, I wonder?

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    Killing a spider

    20's Fortune Telling Book: Bad Luck

    At the FrankenGreco Ranch it also means dropping everything and anything you are doing, whether is be showering, sleeping, taking the animals out, hiking the Appalachians, performing delicate heart surgery to instead respond to the helpless shrieks and screams coming from my Maria and JG, the 13 year old, at the mere sight of not only a spider, but any bug or sometimes even pieces of fluff expertly disguising themselves as something small, buggy and multi-limbed.

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    20's Fortune Telling Book: If it’s summertime, you’ll have good luck. If you dream of warts in winter, you’ll have bad luck.

    Who the hell dreams about warts? My guess is that if you dream about warts you are worried about being shunned and run out of town by angry villagers with torches and pitchforks. Or maybe you just watched The Wizard of Oz.

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    You, hiding in the forest

    20's Fortune Telling Book: You are in danger.

    Of course you’re in danger, her husband came home or the cops answered the intruder call.

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    You're on a deserted island

    20's Fortune Telling Book: A friend will turn against you.

    Wow that’s cold.

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    Just don’t look up to thank the heavens with your mouth open.

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    Running, barking dog

    20's Fortune Telling Book: Pay attention to your personal affairs; someone could be taking advantage of you.

    That’s what the dog’s trying to tell you dummy, he’s not just excited to see you, someone is inside robbing your house!!

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    The gallows

    20's Fortune Telling Book: You will soon have an opportunity to make money.

    Alright, so dreaming of coffins meant that you would soon marry and have a house of your own and now dreaming of gallows is interpreted as the door to opportunity opening up. Does this mean that you secretly want one of your co-workers convicted of treason so that you’re guaranteed that promotion?

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    20's Fortune Telling Book: Something you’re planning for the future may seem likely to succeed, but like a balloon, it will burst into nothing.

    Wow, that’s comforting. Everyone was so bright and cheery in the 20’s, finally a dream about something that seems like it might have positive connotations while not involving coffins, gallows or warts and instead it just means your dreams will go kablooey leaving you crushed and defeated. Yeh, thanks for the cake and the party.

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