A Lake Katrine man was arrested on a charge that he flew a drone with a video camera near Mid Hudson Medical Group in the Town of Ulster. Several of those windows were those of examination rooms occupied by patients.

David Beesmer was charged with unlawful surveillance as a felony and released on an appearance ticket pending a future court appearance.  The conversation now jumps to the next level on the legality of using your own drone.



Anyone can buy a drone.  I would love to have one and I'm not even sure what I would do with it!  Probably mess with other radio stations in town :)   Where can you buy one? Well there are lots of online dealers and one of our listeners called and told us she bought one in Poughkeepsie at Barnes and Noble!

The local man who was just arrested has been honing his droning for a while.  Here is some cool video that he took a few days ago.




The FAA has some rules about how we can use these personal aircraft, but I think it is going to become tougher to just fly one wherever you want.