Very few places in Beacon rival the scenic beauty that is Madam Brett Park. The park boasts many offerings. Whether you want to admire the beauty of Mother Nature, or take in a history lesson or even just get a good workout, Madam Brett has all of that.

The 12-acre park offers several marsh overlooks, several different trails, a few waterfalls and abandoned building structures even a boardwalk. Named after Beacon's first citizen Madam Brett, this park has several abandoned building structures now reclaimed by Mother Nature. The park in fact is a beautiful example of how nature can reclaim an area dominated for many years by people and industry. That being said about one-third of the Park's plant life is actually non-native to the area. Furthermore, the park boasts an interesting history that is actually tied to America's second hat making capital. Yes, that is right; Beacon from the 1880s to the 1940s dominated this industry. One of its former factories is located adjacent to the park.

The park has survived and thrived thanks in part to Scenic Hudson, which purchased the property back in 1996 to protect the land along with restoring it. Since then, the park has been slow to recover after years as an industrial dumping ground, but it is heading in the right direction now.The park, which is open all year round from dawn to dusk, has several important rules. First all pets, must be leashed. In addition, all patrons of the park must stay within the properly posted boundaries or on marked trails. Likewise, vehicles must remain in designated parking areas. Lastly, visitors of the park must be cautious for deer ticks that can possibly inhabit the park and can transmit lime disease.

So the next time you're looking for an urban oasis head over to Madam Brett Park, because no one should miss out on its remarkable beauty.