It was kinda weird talking with Mark Bolger last week, mainly because I am Mark Bolger. I mentioned to Kimberly that someone had "Trumped" my Mark Bolger in the Morning domain named on the internet and she searched for That is how I found my brother from another mother.



That is Mark doing his cover of the Goo Goo Dolls "Before It's Too Late." Mark Bolger is a talented musician from the Philadelphia area. He has a few albums out and he has been at it since he was a kid.  According to his website, Bolger has played with some pretty big names.

Bolger continued to write and perform after high school and throughout college, releasing six original albums and performing alongside artists such as Lifehouse, Better Than Ezra, Ryan Cabrera , Something Corporate, The Starting Line, and The Veronicas.

One of the cool things he will do is customize a song for you. You send him the info about the person you want the song for, along with lyric suggestions and he will turn it into an original song about that person. He writes great songs. Check out his latest single called "Extraodinary Lives".


We had Mark Bolger on the show to talk about how weird it is to be talking with Mark Bolger. It turned out to be a bit weird for both of us. Actually it was just weird for him. I am used to making people feel awkward during an interview, so for me it was sorta normal. We had lots of laughs. If you missed our interview with Mark Bolger - here it is!


Mark will be back on the show in the near future. Check out his music and buy his new song "Extraordinary Lives".