Enrollment ended this past week for New York State’s health insurance marketplace.  Now the numbers are in and there’s a pretty big increase in enrollment.  New York State Health officials say 4.3 million residents from the state are now enrolled through the marketplace.  That an increase of about 700,000 from last year.

Let’s break down some of the enrollment numbers.  About three million people have enrolled in Medicaid.  740,000 have signed up for the Essential Plan for low income individuals.  More than 253,000 people are covered by a qualified health plan.  Most of those receive some financial assistance.

According to the article in the Daily Freeman, New York State marketplace director Donna Frescatore said this record enrollment shows the system is working.  The goal is to connect individuals and families to affordable health coverage.  The marketplace won’t be open again until later in the year, when enrollment opens again.  This article didn’t mention the exact dates.