The Marlboro High Girls Softball team were State Champs last year and Thursday is a big game. It's also Prom night and now the girls have to make a choice.

Talk about a scheduling problem. Marlboro is going to play Ellenville on Thursday and it is the Section 9 Class B semi final game. Ellenville is the top seeded team and Marlboro wants to beat them, but many of the players want to go to the Prom.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports about the scheduling problem and why many of the Marlboro players will not be playing in the big game.  The Junior and Senior prom starts at 6 pm and the prom starts at 7 pm.  There is no way the players could do both, unless there were some cooperation from Ellenville. Marlboro coach Ryan Naccarato has begged the Ellenville district and their athletic director for a change in game time, but has had no success.

“It’s frustrating. It’s a shame. No athlete should have to choose between prom or a section playoff game,”Naccarato said. “It’s not right to make them choose.”

The coach thinks that 8 of the 14 Varsity players are going to go to their prom and that won't leave enough to play the game.  I get that Ellenville wants to win, but come on!  It's a High School game and if your team is that good, it shouldn't matter to you what time you play Marlboro. Do the right thing and change the time.