The Mix jet is fueled up and ready to take you to great places this fall. Destination one is “Tampa Florida.” This trip for four includes hotel, air fare, and tickets to bush gardens. Plus, some throwing around money. Three times each weekday, we will play the “jet away getaway,” song of the day.

When you hear that song play, be caller number 97 to (845) 454-9770. You’ll qualify for the trip to Tampa. Of course, you have a bonus chance to qualify online, click here. Above is the jet away getaway song calendar. It lists the jet away getaway song of the day for the length of the contest. Listen to Mark Bolger weekday mornings at 7:20am, he will give you the specific hours we will play the contest.

The Mix 977 Jet Away Getaway, from Stewart International Airport, I84 Newburgh and Allegiant air, offering nonstop flights to Tampa and the Hudson valley’s Mix 97.7.