Congrats to our first baby of the month.  The Mix 97.7 April Baby of the Month is Savannah Marie.   As you can see from her picture, she's tiny.  How tiny you ask?  Tiny enough to sleep very soundly in this cute little toy pick up truck.

Savannah picks up a $100 savings bond, which she won't have much use for right now, but it will help out out down the road. Along with the bond, a complete baby photo shoot. The complete package is courtesy of Digital Weddings Studio in Fishkill. Now for the whole month of April, Savannah's parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, gosh the entire family can brag about being picked as Baby of the Month.  Yes, the bragging rights are all yours.

Don't wait -- start uploading those pictures. We will be collecting other round of pictures for the next month. Yes, before you know it, May's Baby of the Month will be here.