The terror is back as Ridley Scott releases his latest alien creation, Alien: Covenant. It is a return to the franchise's horror roots where it dives deeper into the alien origin story.

Alien: Covenant centers on a colony spaceship (the films namesake) traveling into deep space. Covenant is on a mission to colonize a distant world when the crew receives a transmission from an uncharted planet. After a devastating accident on the ship, the crew decides to investigate this potential home planet. Hoping it will be paradise and not knowing the hell that lays ahead, they explore this new planet, only to discover the synthetic android, David (Michael Fassbender), the sole survivor of the doomed Prometheus ship from the previous alien film.

This movie boasts a cast with so many big names that it doesn't mind killing off James Franco's character, Branson, in the first few scenes, but it’s the unexpected opening scene with David and his creator, which sets up the intriguing and compelling tone of the film. David comes to understand his maker as they question the existence of life. Clearly this film rests heavily on the shoulders of Michael Fassbender and he does a good job carrying it. One could argue that without Fassbender’s strong performances as both David and Walter, the film could have easily become a silly corn-fest. Nevertheless, this story is raw with its graphic alien attacks and scary moments that will have you jumping out of your seat. The pace is fast and the movie flows well. Better than its predecessor 2012's Prometheus, this one is more original and is a solid Grade A in entertainment. Scary, intriguing and clever, but  at times corny, Fassbender not only saves the film, but makes it.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19th, 2017 and is not a film that should be missed on the big screen.