Truth be told I am not well versed in Stephen King's novels. Honestly, I wasn't that aware of The Dark Tower comics either. That is the beauty of this story on the big screen. It happens that this tale is told so that even a novice can get right into the series and become a fan, despite the story’s complex mythology.


Hitting movie theaters this weekend is Stephen King's The Dark Tower. This mythical structure known as The Dark Tower supports all life and protects the universe from evil. The film stars Idris Elba as Roland, a gunslinger who is the last of his kind trying to protect The Dark Tower. His nemesis is Matthew McConaughey, AKA "The Man in Black," Walter, a demonic sorcerer and an emissary of the Crimson King, is bent on taking over the universe. The film is a mixture of science fantasy, Western fiction, horror and action. At the helm of this movie is Nikolaj Arcel, a Danish filmmaker best known for his highly successful screenplay of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


At roughly only 90 minutes, the film is a well-crafted story that entertains moviegoers. The film balances the multitude of genres this one story encompasses and uses that to its advantage. Though there is a lot of mythology to the story, the film is not weighed down by it, but rather concisely informs and entertains. So if you are a fan of the franchise, then seeing the film on the big screen maybe a little underwhelming. You may crave more of the back-story about the actual Tower, but the film "shines" when it comes to its action sequences, special effects and Idris Elba's hilarious one-liners. Although he ventures into our universe, he feels like a fish out of water.