We all know that Halle Berry is a mom in real life. That's why her latest roll in the movie, Kidnap, hits so close to home. In this film she gives a powerful performance as a mother desperate to save her child from his abductors.


Kidnap’s director, Luis Prieto, is best known for his 2012 UK release, Pusher and as a multi-film festival award winner. Apart from Halle Berry's commanding performance as recent divorcee and struggling diner waitress, Karla Dyson, the film also stars Lew Temple as the kidnapper. Sage Correa, plays Frankie Dyson, Karla's 6 year-old son, who is targeted and eventually abducted from a playground.


At first glance, Kidnap might look underwhelming, but this is a gross misjudgment. Although the film starts out innocent and calm, it becomes an entangling, aggressive thrill ride once Frankie is taken. Yes, this movie does have it's cheesy moments, but it is Karla's will that drives this film to the next level with intense fight scenes and wild car chases. The audience lives through an intense and captivating adventure that does not let up for its 95 minutes. If you're looking for heart pounding, nail biting, gut wrenching drama, then get ready to be kidnapped by Halle Berry's latest film.


Kidnap opens Nationwide August 4th 2017.