When I was growing up I was absolutely fascinated with the fact that my mother was not from this country but was from England and that led me to be interested in everything UK from music (The Beatles have always been a favorite and 'Live at the Hollywood Bowl' was the first album I ever bought) to history (I still hark back to my love of King Arthur and all the tales surrounding his 'legend') to comedy. It was Monty Python that really struck a nerve, or funny bone, that resonates to this day.

First it was Monty Python's Flying Circus on PBS. Exploding penguins, village idiots, gloriously silly songs, the ultimate segue 'And now for something completely different' and of course Spam. And then there were the movies and the discovery of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" when my friends an I were in High School. That was, and still is, some of the grandest comedy of all time. Hell, that and "Life of Brian" it helped my roomate's and I through college.


When Monty Python Announced their last live show last year they didn't know what a big deal it would be. Big deal to the tune of that show at the O2 in London selling out in 44 seconds. Well, they scheduled more shows, nine of them to bring the total to 10.

With any full group get together's being few and far between for many years the prospect of these last shows together like this has to be very exciting for those that are going to be heading to one of the 10 dates. Obviously I'm not going to be able to get to see any of the shows but there was some pretty exciting news the other day.

Not only did the 5 remaining members of the icon that is Python not realize what a big deal scheduling a final concert was going to be in their homeland they also didn't realize what a big deal it was going to be for the rest of the world.

Well the final show is coming to 1500 theaters world wide live to satisfy the legion of fans who still walk silly, say 'Ni', taunt with a condescending French accent and marvel at dead parrots.

Here's to inventing my own silly walk, possibly a saunter or even a skip to, hopefully, make my way in style to one of those theaters for the final show. "Bring out your dead" everybody (and try to sneak a Holy Grail Ale in with ya)!