Hurricane Nate, made landfall on the Southern Coast on Saturday and now had turned into a tropical depression.  That doesn't mean Nate is done yet.  According to the National Weather Service, the remnants of Nate will move into New York State Monday but will interact with a stalled frontal boundary.  This band will help focus the moisture left from Nate into a band of heavy rain.  This rain should be heaviest for the morning commute on Monday, but taper off by Monday evening.

Most of the area will see anywhere from an inch or two inches of rain.  Localized areas of three inches are possible, with higher amounts expected in the western part of New York State.

National Weather Services is watching for flooding conditions.  They don't believe there is a high probability for flash flooding, but mention that conditions could be right depending on the amount of rain and how fast it comes down.  Good news, Nate winds have died down, and wind damage will not be a factor.