The New Paltz Police Department will be looking a whole lot hairier next month because they will be growing beards.

The reason for the facial hair is that the Police will once again be participating in "No Shave November." Last year the Department raised just shy of $4,000 for the American Cancer Society.

In a press release, the New Paltz Police Department said that No Shave November is a way to grow awareness in the fight against cancer. Many cancer patients lose their hair during treatment, so by not grooming for a month, the money saved can be donated to help fight cancer. New Paltz Police Chief Joe Snyder says it affects us all.

“This terrible disease has an impact on every one of us, whether it is our family, friends or even our own personal fight.  We must continue to work together and fight this disease, find a cure and continue to save lives.”

Many Police Departments around the country are participating in No Shave November and I am sure there are other PD's in the valley that will be doing their part. If you would like to donate to the New Paltz team, click here.