Does it ever feel like the whole world is out to scam you?  Central Hudson is warning customers of a couple of scams that are going after it's customers, so please take note.

The first scam is someone calling you to say you are eligible for a rebate from Central Hudson. The caller asks for your personal information so it can send you the rebate check. Central Hudson would never ask for this info. They already have all the information they need about you and you wouldn't be contacted by someone asking you for it. Contact law enforcement immediately if this happens to you. Also contact Central Hudson at (845) 452-2700 to let them know about it.

According to their website, there is another scam going around that involves your bill from Central Hudson. The scammers are using part of Central Hudson's recorded greeting to rope you in and then a "live operator" comes on to tell you your bill is overdue. If you don't pay, your service will be shut off. Then the scammer demands payment using methods that Central Hudson would never ask for.

The perpetrators of this and similar scams often instruct customers to pay using a store-bought debit card or money order. Central Hudson would never demand unusual, specific payment methods like this.

There are a number of other scams going on out there, so please pass the word around to friends and relatives. If someone contacts you and you think they are a scammer, ask them for a number that you can call them back on and get in touch with Central Hudson immediately at (845) 452-2700. They will tell you if they are trying to contact you. Just remember to never give out your information to anyone until you are sure of who you are dealing with.