A new STEM Scholarship Fund has been set up for students attending SUNY New Paltz.  According to a report in the Daily Freeman, the college has set up the Robert Kyncl ’95 and Luz Avila Kyncl ’96 STEM Scholarship Fund.  This new award will help offset tuition costs for students, with a focus on women and minorities that are entering SUNY New Paltz to study computer science or computer engineering.

The award is named after Robert and Luz Avila Kyncl who help make it possible with a generous gift to the college.  Both say they have seen first-hand the dearth of computer scientists and engineers from underrepresented backgrounds in technology fields, according the Daily Freeman.

Students interested in being considered for the scholarship, must apply to SUNY New Paltz and fill out the 2018 application for Kyncl Scholarship form online.  Luz Kyncl took psychology at New Paltz and is a nutritionist and author and the proprietor of Salud con Luz.