The Newburgh Chess Club is reopening and giving kids a chance to do something else this summer.  City of Newburgh fire Lt. Anthony Muhammad and his wife are reopening the chess club at a new space.  Books n Rooks, the new name will be at 319 Liberty in the City of Newburgh.

Muhammad told the Times Herald Record, the club will officially open this Saturday morning, August 12 at 11am.   He said the ultimate goal is to capture the minds of Newburgh youth.  The place will give kids a place to learn about chess and compete in tournaments, also kids can receive math tutoring.  They plan to host community events, maybe some open mic nights and also Muhammad will be selling handmade chess boards.  Those board created by him.   He opened a chess club in 2014, but said the between running the club, going to college and working as a firefighter it wore him down.  This time is different, Muhammad has more help to run the club.  They have setup a GoFundMe page to get donations for chessboards, books and supplies.