There is a man in Orange County who used to hold the world record for making the largest cannoli and at the time, it was a monster.

I just took a trip to Boston's North End and experienced a cannoli from Mike's Pastry. People were lined up on a Monday in the middle of the day to buy them by the box load. It was incredible and got me thinking about who has the best cannoli in the Hudson Valley?


Searched the internet and found Mr. Cannoli in New Windsor. I also found out that Scott Wilkinson, owner of the place once held the record for largest Cannoli in the World. Scott broke the record in August of 2010 by making one that was 123 pounds!  He did it at the Cake Bin Bakery in Newburgh. That was a Whopper of a Cannoli.

Records are meant to be broken and Scott no longer holds the title. Check out this beast that was created in New York City. They had to ship in different parts of the cannoli before it was put together. This sucker weighs 260 pounds and looks like a beached whale.


I would love to help Scott (Mr. Cannoli) bring the title back to the Hudson Valley. If he can make one that is about 500 pounds, that record could last for a while. Check out Mr. Cannoli at 355 Windsor Highway in New Windsor.