Handsome Devil BBQ stunned the New York City crowd by taking top honors at the 2017 Wine and Food Festival put on by the Food Network.

Handsome Devil BBQ started out as a food truck operation and now has a restaurant on Lakeside Road in Newburgh. The owner, Ed Randolph has been coming to the radio station for a few years and his food is incredible.  I remember the first time he came by with racks of smoked ribs. I was blown away by the flavor. It's no surprise to me that he grabbed a big win in New York.


Handsome Devil has participated with our radio group during the highly successful Beer, Bourbon and Bacon event that we put on each year and people have called his food "drool worthy." According to Hudson Valley Magazine, Randolph grew up in the area and it took lots of people to convince him to start selling his delicious creations.

Despite friends’ insistence, he never took the next step and cooked professionally. “My thinking was that everyone loves your food when it’s free,” he says. “When they have to start paying, it’s a different story altogether.”

Congratulations to Ed Randolph and the entire staff of Handsome Devil BBQ. I know how hard you all work, but take a day or two to savor this big win with the Food Network. They should give you a show!

If you would like to taste Ed's award winning Barbecue for yourself, stop into the restaurant at 21 Lakeside Road in Newburgh. Just writing about this has got me salivating, so I will probably be heading over there myself.