One race in Dutchess County is too close to call and it’s a big one. One of the biggest towns in the county. Who will win the race of Town of Poughkeepsie supervisor? The race is too close to call and we may not have the answer right away.

An article in the Poughkeepsie Journal says it all comes down to the absentee ballots. The margin of votes is way too close to declare a winner, and the absentee ballots will come into play. 

Jon Jay Bailey, the Republican incumbent and Democratic challenger Michael Treybich are only separated by 37 votes.

Right now, there are 320 absentee ballots that need to be counted. It’s a waiting game, since more absentee ballots could come in. Ballots needed to be post marked by Nov. 6 and must be received by the board of elections by Nov. 14. The last vote count was 4, 364 to 4, 327 in favor of Bailey.