It always stuns me how cruel people can be.  Over the weekend the largest bust of a cockfighting ring happened in the Hudson Valley.  "Operation Angry Birds" arrested 70 people and close to 6,000 birds have been rescued.  These birds are abused and tortured by lighting their feet on fire. They are made to fight other roosters to the death.  Roosters were also given performance enhancing drugs to amp them up even more!  People gamble on which bird they think will win the fight.  Wagers sometimes went as high as $10,000 . Sick stuff!  In Plattekill, two farmers were arrested for breeding and training thousands of birds to fight down in New York City.  Manuel and Jesus Cruz were charged with felony prohibition of animal fighting.   Check out this report for more.  Warning - this video contains disturbing images and may not be appropriate for some to watch.