Pet peeves are something we are all well aware of, we all have plenty. Some of you probably have a quite a lot, so many actually, that you are someone else's pet peeve. Some of them are universal, people talking too loud and/or in the wrong place/time on their cell phone. Some others are more personal, like, say, you're scared of spiders and people keep carelessly leaving theirs around. Some are relegated to your house and significant others and maybe kids as well. For instance, in my house it apparently takes more than one knife to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, 3 to be exact, and I'm the one who does the dishes. It's also possible in my homestead for the "others" (2 total) to go through a dozen or so glasses from sunup to sundown and the cap to a new tube of toothpaste has an expected life span of 36 hours.

Well last night I experienced one of my pet peeves that's more in the universal mode but does have a personal level to it as well.

After a long day, long enough for me to basically have forgotten to eat (which, if you know me is something indeed), I decided to grab a burger. Now I realize that I wouldn't be alone in when it comes to the annoyance of food orders coming to you wrong, no one would be okay with that, and I don't think it is really a pet peeve per se for that reason. But what elevates it to pet peeve level for me is that i'm boring. My food orders scream "my god man you're dull!". "Double cheeseburger with just cheese" kind of stuff. My pet peevie question then becomes when this order gets to me wrong, miles away from the drive through as always, "In what world do you live in, fast food place I just patronized, where 'just cheese' means ketchup, pickles, small engine parts, onions, proverbial kitchen sinks and whatever else you could possibly find that can be described as a condiment?"

fStop Images / Getty Images

Should I check the order first? Of course. Do I check the order first? Of course I don't (put this one on a list of my Maria's pet peeves about me by the way). But all I asked for was cheese, should I have to check? Apparently yes, Frankenberry ya idgeyot. I also realize that eating and driving can prove to be quite a distraction so I try to it as little as possible, but this is why I order plain cheeseburgers....So when I eat like I'm 5, as is often the case, I'm not going to drip and splooge a bunch of uncleanable crap all over myself and cause said distraction! Did I drip and splooge a bunch of uncleanable crap all over myself last night? Of course I did.My dearly loved charges at home don't know it but they should be very thankfull that they weren't in the mood to make any PB&J's yesterday.

What about you and your pet peeves. I'm sure the length of this was probably on someone's list or even the fact that i'm bitching about anything at all. Tell us what's on yours. Here's a fun list from College Humor.