Meet 'James Franco' the rather large lump of friendly and highly huggable rabbit we had in the studio earlier with the Ulster County SPCA. Marie, the Operations Manager, stopped by and brought him along as the poster bunny for a large number of birds and other animals that were brought in to the shelter from the raid in Plattekill not too long ago.

-fb / James the Rabbit and Jo from Traffic

'James' is looking to be a house rabbit and gets along with cats and dogs that have the right temperament and aren't intimidated by a big, floppy eared ball of fur that, by my estimate, weighed in at at least 15 pounds. He is litter trained and is just waiting for your lap or to cuddle with ya on the bed.

-fb / James with Jackie the group's DME

The shelter, at the moment, also has a number of baby bunnies and large number of kittens and cats that were seized from another abuse situation. If you're interested in adding to the family....hold on....since I know you are interested in adding members of the fur and feather community to your respective families all you have to do is make a phone call to the shelter or stop by. See? it's easy.


You can contact the UCSPCA at their Facebook page or at their website and if you're unable to adopt an animal maybe you can help the shelter out with supplies or a donation. They will gladly take whatever you can spare and put it to a very good use...obviously.

Here's to the furry's! Give me a wiggle nose James....