Yesterday Pet of the Week was back with the Ulster County SPCA as we got a visit from Robin (Queen of the Cats there) and Lt. Danni (Forrest Gump reference). As you can see in the video Danni is a beautiful Orange Tabby who is a big fan of being held. She's about 3 years old and came to the shelter unable to use her back legs (her name is for Forrest Gump's Lt. Dan). There was no physical damage so the thought was maybe a nerve problem of some type. Acupuncture, physical therapy and good loving at the shelter has Danni now being able to walk (albeit awkwardly with a wobble) but walk nonetheless.

Now to get to the finding Danni a home part of things and trying to make you feel guilty....

You can find the Ulster County SPCA at Facebook and at They can and always will kindly accept any assistance you can offer to help them do the fantastic job they do taking care of the animals and finding them the best of homes. They also have number of cool events coming as well including Their Spayghetti Dinner a week from Saturday and a Valentine's special, "My Furry Valentine" on the 13th.

Make sure you go see the video at their Facebook page of their "Bottle Babies" getting ready for the big game with their new families this weekend. Priceless!

Here's to the Furry's!