Little late getting our video of last Thursday's Pet of the Week, so my apologies. Bear with the Frankenberry on some technology but I did set up a YouTube channel so you can see the videos of our pets of the week and others that I will post moving forward. Anyway, last week it was Adam who stopped by from the Ulster County SPCA and big congratulations to him as he was recently named the new Executive Director of the shelter.

Adam brought with him the adorable Milano, a mix of Corgi and what looks like Black Lab so as you can imagine she has a unique shape. But she was absolutely lovable and, believe me, full of energy as you can tell from the video. I promise the quality will get better.

Now, Milano has already been adopted once but was returned as her former owner wasn't prepared for this energy. So know that you're getting a very active girl here, if you're interested, who is so darn happy it's contagious.

Also wanted to mention a new success as Bella, the 7 year old Mastiff we had with us a couple of weeks ago, has been adopted! So nice to see that older animals find homes too and good luck to Bella with her new family and, hopefully, an extra large and soft doggie bed.

You can find the Ulster County SPCA at Facebook and at They can and always will kindly accept any assistance you can offer to help them do the fantastic job they do taking care of the animals and finding them the best of homes. They also have number of cool events coming as well including their Valentine's special, "My Furry Valentine" this Thursday and "Pins for Pets" March 1st.

Here's to the Furry's and you, their families!