Pet of the Week: 03/06/14

Today was Pet of the Week Thursday and Marie, the Operations Manager at the Ulster County SPCA, brought with her 'Annie' a 10 week old puppy who Marie has adopted and will be trained as a therapy dog. Annie has the perfect nature to be such a dog as she is adorable, sweet and friendly....and very much a puppy as evidenced when Jill from Traffic got her 'fun puppy' going.

The shelter plans to soon offer therapy dog training if you're interested and are always available to answer your questions. You can find them at Facebook in the link above and their # is 845-331-5377.


They also could use your help right now, especially with supplies as they just took in a large # of cats and others from a neglect/hoarding case. They also have a lot of rabbits looking for homes right now and even a few sheep who have found little Annie to be quite interesting.

Beth Christie / Cottage Images

I have said this before and I will repeat...the folks at the Ulster County SPCA could not possibly take any better care or love their charges any more than they do. If you are looking to add to your family a devoted member who could use some loving give the shelter a call and then stop by to melt your heart. Or not...but...then...feel guilty...ok? He He.


Here's to the Furry's!!