Pet of the Week: 03/13/14

Robin from the Ulster County SPCA joined us again for this week for Pet of the Week and she brought with her little Boo Berry (apparently no relation to me and the Frankenberry family of cereals) an adorable, curious and beautiful little tortoiseshell kitten with fur as soft as a chinchilla.

Though she was far too interested in checking out the studios, both the Mix with me and the Wolf with Beth Christy, we were able to pick her up for some nice pics.


Now Boo would be best suited as an only cat and an indoor one as well as she is FIV positive. She is fine with humans and poses no threats for dogs so if you were looking to add someone to your family she would fit right in.

If you are interested in Boo or maybe another pet you can get the info you need to contact the shelter at their Facebook page and also at their website. Good luck little one.


Here's to the Furry's!