Well, today was another Pet of the Week Thursday at the Mix with the Ulster County SPCA. Robin brought with her 'Setiva' a big happy lump of 6-7 years who was surrendered to the Shelter when her family had to move and, sadly, couldn't take her with them. In the studio today she was full of energy but at the same time I could see her keeping great lazy company too!


Now she needs a new family after losing the one she thought was hers. I discovered 3 things while she was here. 1 - a back/butt rub and she is all yours. 2 - when she gets pooped and lays down you can put your head on her chest...and she is all yours. 3 - give her a tennis ball...and she is all yours...and the tennis balls (a doggy obsession).Now let's get something for her...a new home she so deserves.

To the Furry's!

- Robin Akus