With the Ulster County SPCA again being so busy with so many animals on hand we asked O.M. Marie to send us a quick video with Brian and one of the many adobables there at the shelter.

This week meet 'Belvedere' a really good looking 10 year old fella who is obviously very friendly and well fed. The poor guy those was left by the side of the road in a cat carrier before he was found and brought in.

He is also doing his part for another at the shelter, a little one named 'Sprout', who has some serious medical issues at the moment. Belvedere, as Sprout's donor, is providing much needed blood. They are not sure how little 'Sprout is going to fare but they're praying.

After having a family and then being abandoned Belvedere is certainly deserving of a new home and new loving family.

-Ulster County SPCA

You can contact that Ulster County SPCA here, through their Facebook page.

Good luck Belvedere and Good luck Sprout!!

There are also a lot of other cats at the shelter in need of love and family as well if you are looking to add to your brood.