Our latest visitor from the ulster County SPCA was an excitable and very friendly Boxer mix pup named 'Boise'. He came with one thing in mind it seemed, to meet every single person in our building and, in some cases, meet them first. I have to say being as a good a self salesman as he is he shouldn't have a lot of trouble finding a new family.

-Beth Christy / Cottage Images

If this is the right time for you to add to your family, well 'Boise' is just waitin' for you with open paws! Give them a buzz at 845-331-5377 or contact them at their Facebook page. If not there is still plenty you can do to help out the shelter as they survive on assistance from folks like you. They will gladly take supplies, old sheets, balnkets, comforters, pillow cases etc always being in high demand. If not they have plenty of fun fundraising events you can join them at like the upcoming Putt for Paws at Apple Greens Golf Course in Highland.

Our pal Beth Christy from sister station the Wolf shot a video of 'Boise' in her studio (I had one too but I accidentally...no never mind...too long a story as to why I don't have one too...now). With 'Boise' is Brian Burkhardt from the shelter who, while helping out there, also runs a shelter for reptiles, Hudson Valley Reptile Rescue.

Now that you've met Boise, go right ahead...make that call!

Here's to the Furry's!