So today's guest on our weekly Pet of the Week was the kind of dog who can change the mood of room just by being in it...(not that he knows it, he's a touch shy for that). Though there was a timid about him, there was a quiet strength and also an innate sweetness and kindness that you could just tell is going to turn into an absolute and complete devotion with the right person/family. You just felt it in those knowing and waiting eyes.


Our boss, Jason, was texting his wife with pics and a 'please plea' within a minute of meeting him. Beth Christie was thinking of the tremendous effect it would have on little Bentley and wondering just how to convince her two kits that this would be a good thing. I was calculating how our $ could be stretched to have him join Jackson and Brady and the rest of the gang at the FrankenGreco Ranch.

This was Frasier.


Thanks so much to Marie, the Operations Manager at the Ulster County SPCA for bringing him along and allowing us the pleasure of getting acquainted. Being rescued from a kill shelter in Louisiana Frasier is in good hands now until a family comes to their own rescue and brings him home.


If you would like a chance to meet Frasier or possibly say hi to some of the other adoptable furry's they have at the shelter waiting for you, well, there's the perfect opportunity this Saturday as it's their annual Garden Party. They have lots of cats looking for homes as well as rabbits and plenty of others that just want their own spot and family.

If maybe a new addition isn't something you're ready for the shelter can always use help from you, in supplies or dollars, as that is the only assistance they receive. If you help you will know that you have done so with one of the most loving and caring shelters you will ever come across.

On this note, a huge, heartfelt thanks goes out to the Highland Hannaford who stopped by the shelter this week with tons of cat and dog supplies! They put up a donation bin for supplies and donations from shoppers and then Joyce went on a furry shopping spree with the $400 raised. She then stopped by to drop off the bounty from her spree and from store's shoppers. Thanks again.


As to Frasier today? Thanks little man, it was so nice to meet. Go change a lucky family's lives.

Here's to the Furry's!