So this week we postponed our usual Pet of the Week day as our sister station WRRV had a band, Taking Back Sunday, playing live acoustic in the atrium for a number of listeners who had won the chance to come in and meet the band. It was quite busy so for fear of scaring any furry that might be joining us or taking the chance that someone in the crowd might be wary I figured we would just wait till next week when things are a little more quiet and our guest can get the attention they deserve.

It did get me to thinking, though, about the Pet of the Week and of the pride we feel here about all the animals that have come in that then have found homes and become beloved members of someone's family. Now, we're not taking direct credit for all of them but certainly the raised awareness we, and sister station The Wolf, give to the Ulster County SPCA helps, and for some, when they find out the pet they're interested in has visited the station and been a big hit, they gain a new comfort level with the adoption. (We will take direct credit for a good number of our guests though including one our first ones, 'Shorty', who came to us back in 2011 and was almost immediately adopted by Mix listener Linda Evans after she heard his story on air and then saw the pics).

-fb fur project / Frankenberry with then "Stitch" now "Shorty"

All the gang at the FrankenGreco Ranch are rescues or offspring of such and there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of joy you get knowing that, not only did you save them but then the realization that they, in turn, saved you. Yes four devoted furry ones and three fragile humans here at said ranch.

Our boys', brothers Brady and Jackson's mom was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia right before she popped them out and 8 siblings (Brady was the runt). They're 4 now.

-fb / Brady and Jackson

My big guy Shoes, who has been with me now going on 9 years, was born from a Mom who my brother, sister and I took in as a stray when we shared a house together from '00 to '06.

And my Little Bella, the 8 pound elephant in our house, is 2 and half now and was a Pet of the Week back when we first started the segment in the winter of 2011.

So I was thinking about all those that have come through the Mix Studio with the Ulster County SPCA and all those families that now feel the same way about the duel saving. Going back to October here are some of the Furry's that have been through the Mix Studio that are now enjoying life as a member of someone's family on the couch, bed or in the backyard and not a shelter.

Bella (this is one of my favorites as she is a 7 year old Mastiff with a few physical ailments so I thought it would be very hard to get her adopted but get adopted she did! And I hear she's doing great, has some sidekicks now and has gone back to visit the folks at the shelter with her new family)


-fb fur project



-fb fur project


-fb fur project


-fb fur project w/ Shalan from the Shelter

Annie (Annie was already adopted, by the shelter's Executive Director Marie who brought her along, but I included here because she's going to be trained to be a therapy dog which can have a profound effect on the ones who can so use their company...and she was just so damn cute)


- fb fur project


-fb fur project

Lt. Danni (another adoption that really warmed my heart as this kid came to the shelter with paralyzed back legs but through therapy, medical help and tremendous care she was able to get feeling back an slowly start to walk again)

There have been many more since the Pet of the Week got going two and half years ago (I still remember when Shaggy, our first Pet, finally got adopted) and hopefully more to come.

To the Ulster County SPCA I offer my thanks for being able to visit us as often as you have and for offering me a chance to try and do my part for the ones that can't fight back and want nothing but to love and be loved. I also offer thanks for the tremendous care and devotion you show to every animal, with fur or feather, paws or hoofs, that has the good fortune of having your all for their loving  'half way' house to adoption.

Finally to all of the families that have found it in their hearts to welcome to their broods one of the needy I say thanks...though I imagine you probably would like to say thanks to the shelter and maybe us for helping you realize you were needy too.

To the Furry's!