With the Ulster County SPCA being very, very busy lately with a lot of animals coming in (so many cats as a matter of fact that they have moved into the rabbit's room while the rabbit's are in people's offices) and with us here in the building being extremely busy in our own right we agreed for the shelter to send us our pet via email this week.

-Ulster County SPCA

So our friend Brian sent us this quick video of little 'Harmony' the guinea pig who is just too darn cute. I mean look at those eyes at the end of this! And she is almost litter trained too!

You can contact the Ulster County SPCA if you are interested at their Facebook page or find them at their website. Like I said earlier they have a lot of animals right now just waiting for you to bring them home and make them a part of your family! (they also have a plea up on their Facebook page because of so many animals that they are all out of wet dog food and dry cat food and that any help would be great). Heck, maybe you can help out with a donation and an adoption! Take a look at some of pics or go take a trip to Wiedy Road in Kingston and visit some of the waiting tails...and excitable ones, like Charlie here!