Well Pet of the Week with the Ulster County SPCA was here again and we got a chance to meet Lil' Peanut who was the tiniest of tiny kittens.


He was surrendered to the shelter and, though he looks great in the video here, he did appear to have signs of being tossed from a car. This along with being so small has made him somewhat reserved at the shelter and almost scared of the other kittens as they're also bigger than he is. Operations Manager, Marie, who brought him in, said it was nice to see him moving around the studio so much and being relaxed, friendlier and kitten curious since he wasn't really this way at the shelter.

Well I have to say, it was a great feeling for me.

Well, to you Lil' Peanut, I say good luck in finding that right home and right family to take all of your tiny kitten curiousity in and love you like you should be kid. You are about the same small size my Little Bella was when I adopted her after her Pet of the Week visit here about 2 and a half years ago and I hope some family gets as lucky as I did real soon!

Here's to the Furry's!