It's a busy time of year for all of us and it's no different for the folks at the Ulster County SPCA. And I understand that at this time of year pets are often given as gifts and that can be great if you are prepared to add to your family and know the responsibility that comes with it. If that is the case you can't do any better than the UCSPCA for animals that truly deserve a chance at a loving family.

Years ago, after having just gotten married a few months before, I went the pet route for a gift. It was for two reasons: One - our schedules were completely different as I did a morning show and she worked a day shift till around 7p and I wanted us to have company. And two - I had always wanted not just one cat but two so they had the company of each other. So it was a trip to the East Liberty Animal Shelter in Pittsburgh where I found one little furball curled up in a water bowl (Benny) and another (Merlin)  in a different room with all dogs who practically begged me to take him with me, standing up and slapping at his I did. We welcomed Benny & Merlin on Christmas Day and for my wife (at the time) she got to experience for the first time the joys of kittens, or any cat for that matter, and paper.

But I didn't just get them on a whim. I thought out very carefully the responsibility and the cost that would come with both of them and was prepared to handle it.

Please remember the same if it is in your mind to get a pet as a gift this Christmas. It worked out well for me, at least with the Benny half of the combo (sadly I lost Merlin after only a couple of years and he was a very special cat). The Ben was with me for 16 wonderful 'guy and his cat' years, but that isn't always the case with others. The Ulster County SPCA is well aware of what the post holiday can be like for those that haven't thought out the gift of a pet. It's also very cruel to the animal.

Things to consider before buy a Pet as a gift.

But if you have thought this out and are ready to add a deserving furry to your family this season then maybe you might consider Precious.

-Ulster County SPCA

She is a 3 year old Pit Mix that came in to the shelter from Dog Control in the town of Lloyd as a humane law case. The shelter won custody and now she is ready for a loving family call her own. She is great with children and other dogs though not so much with cats.

These pics are with her pal Logan from the shelter...

-Ulster County SPCA

You can contact the shelter through their Facebook page or at their website.

P.S. Congratulations to Sadie who was featured along with a few kits in last week's Pet of the Week post. She was adopted by Malacai! Good Luck Sadie!!