So this week we were visited again by the Ulster County SPCA. Handler Brian Parkhurst joined us and brought with the really handsome and loving 'Trooper' who's been named such for what led him to be at the shelter.

Trooper is a mix breed who found his much needed new caretakers after being taken in as cruelty case where his owner was convicted of starving him.


Being with the shelter, though, has provided 'Trooper' with what he was sorely lacking, love, concern and, of course, a healthy diet. As you can see he is looking much better now and you know he is feeling better. He's a pretty darn happy guy.

-Brian Parkhurst

If you want to learn more about 'Trooper' or maybe some of the others in the shelter's care you can find them at facebook and at their website. If you're looking to add to the family they have plenty of residents who are just looking for the same thing as 'Trooper', no more pain and the chance to do what animals do you more than you can ever imagine.

Here's to the Furrys!