We weren't able to run our weekly pet feature this week due to the fact they were busy with the Humane Law part of the shelter's job for the last 3 days as Executive Director and Investigator, Adam Saunders, and Investigator, Glen Daniels, were at the trial of David Delisio who was charged with 22 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and convicted today on 21 of them.

According to the Daily Freeman he was convicted of these counts by a jury that 'concluded he kept his dogs in unsanitary conditions prior to a barn fire that resulted in the animals’ deaths' in an incident that occurred on June 7th.

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Sadly, the Ulster County SPCA has to perform these duties far too often, but they do it well and kudos to that.

And what's one of the main reasons for that? How about Little Annie here who was a Pet of the Week guest with us recently. The shelter doing what they're doing so well in cases like this means that Annie wasn't one of those 21 counts.