Back in September of 2011 Mix 97-7 got together with the Ulster County SPCA to bring you the Pet of the Week a feature designed to bring attention to the shelter and most importantly to get some of their furry charges adopted into much needed homes. Happily it's been a success on both fronts as our listeners (and those of the 94.4/97.3 the Wolf) have become aware of one of the most hard working and loving shelters I have ever come across and in some cases they have become loving families of some of our wet nosed guests.

One of Mix's most loyal listeners, Linda Evans from Wappingers, had a house pretty much settled on the human and furry front when she went to check out the pictures at Facebook of our latest Pet back in November of '11. When she saw "Stitch" though, a tiny little shiver of a guy, she knew that the human/furry dynamic at her house wasn't actually settled. Well "Shorty" isn't quite as much a 'shiver' any more as he has plenty of pretty snappy sweaters that he shows off for me with regular visits to the studio.

"Shorty" on a visit -fb

"Shorty" and his family are just one of the many adoption success stories that have come from the Pet of the Week and it warms me so to think about it. The whole gang at the FrankenGreco Ranch are rescues, the brothers, Jackson and Brady, my Shoes who was part of a litter from the stray Orange Tabby my brother, sister and I took in at the house we shared in Beacon 8 years ago and, of course, our little 7 pound elephant, Bella who was a guest in the Mix studio a month after "Shorty."

"Ella" then in studio 11/11 -fb

Other than having a pretty solid success rate with the adoptions of our guests that I'm very proud of we have also been able to draw attention to the importance of shelters and the tireless work they do to make the world a better place for these beings that only want love and to love us back.

And a huge thanks goes out to all of you for paying attention.

"Bella" now -fb