A Polar Vortex could be responsible for a major dumping of snow on the Hudson Valley just in time for Thanksgiving.

We had a couple of huge storms last winter and I thought this season was supposed to be a warmer one. The bad news comes via the Daily Voice, who reports that Accu-Weather's Evan Duffy says conditions are ripening for a big snowstorm around Turkey Day.

"The clash between the arriving arctic air and the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean could help instigate a major storm several days before Thanksgiving," Duffey said.

If freezing cold air from the Arctic circle drops down and collides with warmer, all bets are off. If it does happen, this will probably be a mess but, not rival the Thanksgiving Day blizzard of 1971. The National Weather service says that was one of the worst ever.

Heavy snow in Catskills and acorss the Upper Hudson Valley. This heavy snow began on the day before Thanksgiving and continued into Thanksgiving day. Albany picked up 22.5 inches with amounts up to 30" reported elsewhere.

Weather forecasters say they will have a better idea about this possible storm in a few days, so we will have to wait and see if Thanksgiving travel plans have to be altered. One thing is for sure, if there is a huge storm our own Rick Knight will be outside in his snow gear and Goggles.