Port Jervis wants to build a whitewater park that will give a thrill to kayakers, rafters and all those who are looking for some rapid fun in the water.

Port Jervis has many outdoor adventures to take advantage of. The Delaware River is the big draw and lots of people already raft and kayak on it. Now the City of Port Jervis wants to build a half mile long "Whitewater Park" that will boost tourism and give water lovers an adrenaline rush in the process.


According to the Port Jervis website, the park would of course, be on the Port Jervis side of the Delaware River and it would be entertaining for those in the river and spectators on the bank.

It would be a series of features that create “whitewater” with pools, rapids, natural rock terracing, pathways, and informational kiosks on the banks of the river.

Port Jervis could use a world class, outdoor adventure park to draw some serious dollars to the area. Right now it looks like the city is still in the planning stages. You can keep updated on the Whitewater Park on Facebook.