So Oscar's big night is just 6 days away and, I'm sure, you've already been checking Vegas lines so you can get your bets in early. With the addition, though, a number of years ago, of more movies to the Best Picture category it has made gambling on Oscar's biggest prize a bit more of a challenge.

So, as service to you our loyal listeners and readers we have found the ultimate video cheat sheet, you might say, to help you handicap your picks and have a leg up on all the competition hittin' up your Oscar Bookie.

My gut tells me "12 Years a Slave" has the upper hand and after watching this Best Picture primer I think my gut has been confirmed. If this does, indeed, help your Best Picture wagering and you admit it remember 10% to the house.

Good luck.

Thanks to CineFix and The Oscars air live on ABC, Sunday night, March 2nd at 7p.