There are very few places on Earth that Rachel Rudwall hasn't visited. Having lived in three countries, this Emmy-nominated host, writer and avid traveler has journeyed to all seven continents and over 60 nations. Now, she is making the Travel Channel her destination of choice with her new show, “Epic Lists.”

"Epic Lists" focuses on bringing awe-inspiring and magnificent destinations into people's living rooms. Whether it's the world's longest zip line or a walk on the edge of a tower, Rudwall explores it all. MIX caught up with Rudwall between her adventures for a scoop on the premiere of "Epic Lists." Rachel explains the first episode centers around “11 vertigo inducing attractions [from] all over the world, from our own back door, in the States to the other side of the planet." She says, "It's enough to get your blood pumping.”

Courtesy of Rachel Rudwall

Rudwall stresses, “every episode of the show is…going to be an amazing list that is totally different from the one before… and there's a lot of chances for the audience to actually weigh in.” She adds, “I am available online for people to Tweet me, Instagram me, Facebook me, @rachelroams #epiclists.” She shares that her mission for every adventure is to get people involved, saying "everything that I do is to share it with the audience." She explains, “I didn't grow up traveling. So what I am able to do now is actually...share it [a big world] with people...people who might not always have enough vacation days or enough money saved up to explore.”

As for a breath-taking place she visits in the show, she can’t help but sing the praises of the Victoria Falls, which is the world’s largest waterfall right on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. She jokes, “I may or may not go swimming [in] said waterfall.”

Make sure to catch Rachel Rudwall in the premiere episode of “Epic Lists” this Sunday at 1 p.m. EST on the Travel Channel.