You may be a fan of the Red Robin on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, but the "issue" has to do with it's exhaust fan. It broke over the weekend and that was a problem.

One of the most important pieces of machinery in a restaurant is the exhaust fan. Red Robin's went on the fritz on Sunday and the popular eatery had to close down. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that if you heard sirens around 12:30 pm near the restaurant, it's because the fire department responded.

The fan malfunction caused smoke to build up in the kitchen, triggering an automatic fire alarm that alerted the Arlington Fire District, according to Kevin Caulfield, a Red Robin spokesman.

There were no injuries and everyone got out of the place in an orderly fashion. Unfortunately the exhaust fan needs a new part, which they had to order. Repair work will hopefully be done by the end of Monday. Red Robin expects to be serving up their delicious burgers and bottomless steak fries by lunchtime on Tuesday. If there are any further delays, we will keep you posted.