Each of us have a gift, mine is being able to communicate with wild life.  Last time, we were at Barton Orchards, and it was the lamas who were trying to attack me.  This week, we were walking outside at the radio station and I heard this cry for help.  Of course, as an animal whisperer, I must stop and figure out what's going on.

As you can see in the video, it is a hawk, that is making that call.  Is she in pain? Looking for another hawk? Alert others to stay away?  Upon further investigation, this hawk has been around for about a week already.  One person told me they spotted two hawks last week.  That may shed some light on our investigation.

Just yesterday, a day after I shot our video.  I saw the hawk again, crying out just as loud, this time across the street on the roof of the apartment complex.  Seems like they have lost their mate, the other hawk is no where to be found.  We may never know what has happened.