Last Sunday night, I went to see New Kids on the Block at the Times Union Center in Albany.  The tour is called, "The Total Package Tour," featuring Boys II Men, Paula Abdul, and New Kids.   They weren't the best seats, but it was a great show.

I've seen them perform before, last year when Anne Marie and I went to the Mix Tape Festival in Hersey.  Sunday night sucks for a show, especially if you have to work the next day.  I ended up getting into the show late, not that I was worried because I really didn't care much to see Boys II Men again.  Turns out the lead singer was sick, so they weren't performing.  There was a sign on the door.   When I got into to find my seats, Paula was already out doing her thing.  I only missed a few of her songs.

It really doesn't matter, because NKOTB is a whole show to themselves.  They had a second smaller stage they worked at the opposite end of the arena.  Light, fire and confetti everywhere.  Donnie, keep finding kids to drag up on stage from the audience.  Joey and Jordon used their own kids as part of a song.  New Kids performed their new stuff, stuff espically written for their stage show and every other song they ever released.

They did some B sides of songs I haven't heard since 1989.  This show also focused on some of those ballads, which is what really what the girls went crazy for on the radio in 1989 and 1990.  Remember, "Please Don't Go Girl," the first single for the boys in 1988.  Joey and Jordon performed that together.  It took me right back in time.

Here are some more pictures from that night.