Just went I thought, we have experienced all the sports with my kids, we added a new one.  Seriously, the boys have done basketball, baseball, soccer, tried out hockey once or twice, bowling.  What else could there be?  Football.

For years, my younger son Ben has wanted to play and his friends Dad has been trying to get him to join the team.  My wife finally gave in.   Once he started, and my older son Zach was hanging out at practice.  His friends were playing football and convinced him to join the football team.

Of course, my daughter had to jump in, literally.  Lia is now a cheerleader.

They had their first games on Saturday in Port Jervis.  Zach's team didn't win and wasn't sure Zach really liked playing.

Ben loved his first game.  He played almost the whole game, expect for about five minutes.  They were tied, and Ben scored the winning touch down.   Here's a picture of him after the big win.