credit:Rick Knight

Mother nature has been a tease, the month of October was quite warm, we had 80 degree temps at one point.  Then November came in and put us back into place.  The other night, we started to have our first frosts.  The one night it got down to 25, and it's just been getting colder and colder.

I've sort of given up on the lawn, couldn't decided to leave it longer or cut it again.  Wednesday morning, woke up to a nice frost on the lawn.  A glaze of white.  Actually, I thought it looked rather pretty.  Part of the lawn had started to melt away, with the warm of the sun.  The front yard, had a great pictures of half glaze and half melted from the sun.

It's a great shot and you can see that in the video below.  We jumped on camera, just as I was heading for work.  See my frosty yard below.