Looking for a road trip this weekend that will get your adrenaline and or funny bone going? Take a quick ride to the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum in Lake George. The Frankenstein House can be scary or goofy, depending on how you look at stuff like this.


Only a couple of hours from Poughkeepsie, you can do this trip just for the day. The House of Frankenstein Wax Museum is on Canada Street in the heart of Lake George. I was just there last week with my daughters. They are old enough to handle this stuff, but be warned this is probably not for little children. The wax figures are really life-like and I did catch a couple of adults letting out a tiny scream.

Lots to do for the day at Lake George. We hit Great Escape for some rides and there are a couple of really great mini golf places in the area. If you are like me and on a tight budget, a quick day trip to Lake George can be fun without breaking the bank. Great Escape is a whole day by itself and that will run you a couple hundred dollars. If you are not looking to spend that much, there is plenty to do for a lot less.